Bette Davis

Poem By Robert Sheridan

Born Ruth Elizabeth Davis
On April 5th, year of 1908
Lowell, MA – studied dance
then drama – as a youth.

Debut on Broadway – ‘29
in Broken Dishes, a year
later, went to Hollywood –
became one of the greats.

For her role in Of Human
Bondage (‘34) – a year
later, transformed into a
studio icon.

Won two Oscars for best
actress – Dangerous (’35)
and Jezebel (’38): greatest
for screen presence.

Often brilliant, sometimes
annoying, always fought
the good fight – was
nominated 11 times.

For her roles in Dark Victory,
The Letter, and Now, Voyager
best remembered – few
performers could match her range.

*She died on October 6th,1989 – her epitaph reads, “She did it the hard way.”


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