~better As Friends~

My friendship to you
is my pride possetion
but it changed over time
your now my obsession

Your all that I think of
you all that I want
just to be with you
But I know I cant.

Cant ever be with you
cant hold you in my arms
your taken by other guys
seduced by their charms

I know im self centered
I know this is stupid
But I cent help this feeling
Blame it on cupid!

Dont matter what I say
Dont matter what I do
I have to just get over it
I'll never be with you

by Jeremy Page

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Another brilliant write, Jeremy! Very cute! Have you told this person about your feelings for them though? If not, try it, you never know, they may like you back, just might be too afraid to show it in fear of rejection. Love it! **MG**