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Rape-It Should Happen To You!

Written about and inspired by a very sick person who will not stop attacking my family by spreading vile and false lies about them online.

Hitting low
Hitting way below the belt
But too bad
'Cause this one is the one you've had coming
This is the one that too long I have been holding back on

So if you wanna make up lies and other nasty, vulgar things
About me
About my family
And what you think goes on behind closed doors
In your own sick, twisted mind
Then you better be ready to swallow a dose of your own

How about I do you one better
How about I take your sick game and make it
A little bit sicker
How about I turn it all around on you and yours
By unleashing this foul and most awful of prayers for all here to see and read

Yes, it's a crime
A terrible crime
However, to you it seems to be nothing more than a joke
A little something to use just so you can hurt me and my family who are innocent
Innocent of all the vile charges you have made

Bet you would lose that smugness
Bet you would lose that smile and that sly little attitude
If it were to happen
To your sister, mother, daugther or friend
So in closing here's hoping.....

One of your female family members gets caught
Out one dark and stormy night
All alone without a phone or any kind of defense
Without any hope of any kind of help at all
To suffer the worst thing any woman ever could
The thing you seem to think now is so very funny and clever to use as a weapon
Bet it won't seem so funny to you when you hear....

Rape has happened to you!

2009 Ramona Thompson

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Love it
Wow! Amazing You have so much strength to give to others. thank You
a beautifully compiled piece of writing.....
Well written. Thanks for sharing.
a very deeply written poem
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