Better Days Are Coming

we are common clay pots
only the power of God
can change us
can heal
for my soul is tormented
heaviness every morning
there is not an hour
that I come to Lord
Praying for guidance
for every decisions I make

a midst hope
a wish
life would be more beautiful
I wish
but it cannot be
I am shackled
I cannot be free
from my anointing
making decisions
with my human frailty
we must hang on and hold
onto the power of God

and move on
even if decisions are sometimes wrong
we are all common clay pots
the power of God
will be on us
purifing our motives
that we may do the things we do
because of the Lord alone

God spoke
and with my tortured soul
I hold onto his word

Better days are coming...

by Rita Umali

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