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Better Living Thru Chemistry? 2

Are you living
With chronic pain?
Here, have an anti-depressant!

Feeling just a wee bit
Here, have an anti-depressant!

Can’t sleep at night?
Clothes fit too tight?
Just not feeling right?
Well, here!
Help yourself!
Have one of these!

They’re good for what ails you,
They never quite fail you,
As they slowly assail you
And then they impale you

Until you NEED those anti-depressants!

Make flat effervescence,
Stifle your essence,
Diminish your presence
And with feelings unpleasant,
Shadow your present

They calm you, they still you
They hold you in place
And docs seem to think
They are filled with such grace
As to be the cure-all and end-all
For the whole human race.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

Comments (1)

Anti-depressants do flatten you out. But they seemed to help me at a time when I needed something. Who knows, still nice write.