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Better Living Thru Chemistry? 3
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Better Living Thru Chemistry? 3

The Patient

It’s scary when doctors give out free samples
Of the anti-depressants they’re touting,

‘cuz they don’t talk about the side effects
Such as dehydration or the sun’s effects
On your skin at a pleasant spring outing

But we don’t mind being uninformed,
‘cuz we like getting good drugs
For free

And we don’t mind being uni-formed,
Government-sanctioned legal addicts
We’ll be

The Pharmaceutical Company

(The world of medication
Replaces meditation;
We’ll help you get the best sedation
Or, perhaps, some false elation –
We’ll alter your complex relation
With your mental inclination
And thus we’ll form a peaceful nation)

The Doctor

Anti-depressants will
Keep it all from you
While they render their magic
To ravage and numb you
Your won’t have to think
And you won’t have to feel –
With anti-depressants,
You won’t have to heal
Or be self-responsible,
Much less self-accountable
For all that’s gone on,
For all that you’ve done,
And all you‘ve forgotten to be

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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