RRG (January 31st / Hollywood, CA)

Better Living Thru Chemistry?

Presented herself as attractive,
& she is
oriented times three –

but she seems oppositional defiant
and probably has ADD

She’s got some kind
of relational conflict
plus disorders not
otherwise specified

And we really believe
that this child ain’t normal –
She needs help from us docs
(we’re self-deified!)

We don’t have a name
For all her problems, a shame,
But we know what we’re
Talking about

We think chemicals to blame
(the kind in the brain)
and can’t have her
eloping – I mean walking out

So we’ll give her some drugs,
(With encouraging hugs)
And insist that she be compliant

Then if she bemoans
Or shows a will of her own,
We will grade her as being too defiant

We’ll adjust all her meds,
Then we’ll find her a bed
and name her, for life, a miscreant

‘Cuz we fear, ‘less we manage her,
that life will just damage her,
and she’ll grow up to be
a real deviant

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Interesting poem. To which I add: Well Rev., it appears that normal being Is out of the range of those you're seeing. Perhaps, its the range of existance That makes for the presistance Of those unlucky louts That no one cares about. Not everyone's of the same mold Even if that's what 'Society's' told Deviant behaviour is what they're trying to stamp out So that there will be no doubt. Put everyone in the same cage Then there will be no rage, Just vacant stares and ready acceptance Of the daily dose of drug induced presistance. Laying on of the hands Was once the way in all lands, Now it's easier to go To the pharmacy glow. And prescibe that special dose Of correction, I suppose. That can easy the pain So all can sing the refrain Of political correctness As the id gives way to unconciousness. And all become immured With the trance to be indured Until one bright and sunny day When Religion once again comes this way And teaches that God intended For man's search to be never-ended Deviant behavior is what it's all about 'Praise the Lord, ' we all should shout!