(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Better Off Dead

Better off dying, someone said.
eat'n trouble, another stroked.
Take nothing, belched Ed.
Towards no-where, echoed some.
Edge lower, Jimmy croaked
Rot'n core, screeched Mum.

Often failing, whispered one.
Foolin' liar, Anna cried.
Fat Tart, mocked Bart.

Deal'n woe, Pa's done
Ever damn'd, Sally lied.
Ask'n fors-it, replied a-lark
Dirty whore, screamed I.

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Well, I feel that the rhyme is akward. Hmm.. What Can I use for I? But if I change it then Better Off Dead will not come out... Ahh I was in a cheesy mood^_^