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Better Than
JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

Better Than

Poem By Jo Lynn EhnesAllen

I see him as this gallant knight
whose love could rescue me,
but time reflects a truthful light
upon my fantasy.

His carefree spirit roams the land,
in search of hearts that swoon.
Not satisfied to hold one hand,
he kills a dream too soon.

Amidst my cry of sapphire tears
I hear a thundering roar
and through the mist a rider nears;
a sight like none before.

Dismounting from his royal steed
he quickly dries my eyes
and whispers his romantic creed;
my hopes for love arise.

Inviting me to join his ride;
my soul begins to sing.
I'm thankful for the dream that died
or I'd have missed my king.

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