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Better Than Me
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Better Than Me


I look at this knife in my hand
I think about cutting over and over again
To feel real too feel the pain
Just so I can breathe

Cause I know things won't get better
And all I do is think of you
I don't want you to see me this way

I care to much and I don't want you to leave
But this is all I know
And I can't handle hurting you
So its best to see that I'm better off gone

And you don't need someone like me
You deserve better than me
So don't you cry I promise you can do better than me

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Comments (2)

I think we all feel like this at times.I know I have. I really like this it shows good emotion. good job. Crystal
i like it because my fav song, well one of them is called better than me and this poem relates to it so much