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Better Than Roses!
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Better Than Roses!

In mirrors reflection I see,
the many impurities imparted within,
and the many a times I have failed thee.
Forgive me my Lady true,
of shortcomings I've bestowed,
and the many a times I was not there....

In mirrors reflection I see,
how many a nights alone,
and the many times I turned deaf ears,
Forgive me oh Lady true,
of seeming so weak,
and the many a times I gave cold shoulder..........

In mirrors reflection I see,
your stance behind my back,
and the many a times you stood at my side,
Forgive me dear Lady true
for tears that have fallen,
and the many a times I must wipe them dry.............................

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Comments (7)

Now THAT's what i call an apology. This should definately get you out of the doghouse... and if you are still in it then no roses or diamonds could help you. Another fine penning, my lord. Cheers, Masha
Beautiful, so lovley, a devotion from the heart. More than a simple ten! ! ! !
This comes across with real depth of feeling, very honest and individual, both great characteristics, well done Geoff Love duncan X
Geoff.... you are certainly writing some platinum poetry right now.... of outstanding quality! I give this a 10 most definitely..... so humbling.... HG: -) x
Sir g.>>>yes, indeed, i am rarely at a loss for comment, but as diane alluded to...tara took the gold on this one....but she needed the ammo to do so....and you most certainly provided her with it by penning this amorous gemstone of Warmheart...Splendid job, Good Sir! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
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