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Better Than Today
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Better Than Today

Through images of golden brown
I see the fright and fury
And now I see that things come down
Usually in quite a hurry
Depressing it may also be
These things then turn to black
They become so hard to see
The focus goes out of wack
In all this fury and this fright
Optimistic I try to stay
I use everything, all my might
Hoping tomorrow is better than today

After to long of this depressing scene
And seeing it not so clear
I move away from being keen
Sometime the sharpness gets to mere
But I never actually give it all up
I've got a good head on these shoulders
The mind is strong and won't give up
This mind could hold the biggest boulders
Always hold through thick and thin
No matter what life throws in your way
If your strong you'll always win
Hoping tomorrow is better than today

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