Better Than Worse

Fire razed house
War torn country
Famine plagued town
Flood ridden city
Would you rather be there?
Or where you are?

It could have been worse
It could be better
Be grateful in all situations

Some languish in jail
Some in coma on hospital bed
Many lie stately in the morgue
Would you rather be numbered in their lots?
Or you’d prefer your position?

Some do not have to eat
Some have but can’t eat
Some do not have to drink
Some have can’t drink
Some do not have to wear
Some have, can’t wear
Would you rather be among them?
Or you’d accept your situation?

Some are waiting for sentence of death
Some are waiting for the lethal injection
Some are gasping in the gas chambers
Many are in a crashing plane
Some in a drowning boat
Many in colliding cars
Some are in burning train
Where would you rather be?
In there or where you are?
Some no longer know what time is it
Lost in time, they have lost time
Some no longer know
What day is it
Living dead, walking dead
Some can’t in the present
They’re condemned to prison of the past
Flying in the hollowness of the future
“It’s nine a.m. on Friday and you know it”
Which would you prefer?
Their states or yours?

by ifedayo oshin

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