KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Better Things To Do

Hey there guy with your phone in your palm
There's a lady in the kitchen
Waiting dinner while you talk
She's been busy for the day
Can't wait to tell you of her day
But, wait
You've got better things to do...
Hey there dad with the remote in your hand
A loving woman's hoping
You'll come over to her
Enfold her in your embrace
You watch that show a lot
There are things she wants to tell you
She's been waiting all day long
You've worked so hard all day
But wait
You've got better things to do...
You know she'll be there later
She always is around
Hoping for some conversation
Or just some random thought
As always
You've got better things to do...
Sunday comes
A day of rest
Your team is on
She dresses to impress
You hardly notice her at all
She walks away on down the hall
You glance over and quickly back away
She's probably going shopping
You'll catch up later
You've got better things to do...
Monday comes
Smells of coffee fill the air
Grab your phone and wallet
Head on down the stairs
You notice something different
Your woman's not around
Guess she'll call me later
Work is calling now
Getting dark going home
No one there
Stove is cold
You call her name
Stare up the stairs
Where is she now
You know
She had better things to do...

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Such a lovely and inspiring poem, Karin......a perfect 10++++++