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Better To Imagine
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Better To Imagine

Poem By Eman Awad

A long time ago i had some one,
who dwelt each dream and every reverie.
He dissappeared to the day sun,
he knew all about me, he cared for me.
That dream when i'll fall,
there he was to prevent me from falling.
Whenever some thing aches my soul,
that's when i used to find him calling.
He had no name and no face,
he used to be changing as the four seasons.
And we had no specific place,
we were there for each other for no reasons.
I lost that along to my imagination,
just when made a connection to the real world.
When i knew my own destination,
and i knew to say at the right time, my perfect word.
That era went without a trace,
that's when i got hurt severly but one at a time.
This world showed me it's face,
and i was sure that my choice is no longer mine.
Struggling and heart breaks,
some times i wished for my life to fade away.
The strength it takes,
just to hold on and get through that day.
The stars, actually won't glow,
but they collide gently to destroy universes.
It's better to imagine, i know,
running away from this crazy world,
into beautiful dreams and well ryhmed verses.

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