MS (1991 / Baltimore, Maryland)

Better, Together & Forever (Part 2)

I hate it.
'Together' I thought it would be 'better.'
But this love didn't last 'forever.'
So from now on love doesn't knock at my door.
Despite all of this I miss you.
If we were 'together' I'd kiss you.
But this 'together' thing didn't last 'forever' more.
So why am I mad?
Cause I didn't make it 'better.'
You kept your love 'forever.'
But because of me, that's why we're not 'together.'
So if we were stiil 'together.'
Life would be goin' much 'better.'
Love...Well now.
Love didn't make me 'better.'
Now there'll never be a 'forever.'
Love is the reason, Why we're not 'together.'


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WOW! ! ! ! ! Strong feelings about love. i could really feel the pain of love from reading this poem. its amazing cant wait to read more of ur poems ~TORN IN TWO BY THE 1 I LOVE~ A-K-A Victoria Emo Girl