Poem By Theodora (Theo) Onken

...In between the Dawn of Morn,
........And the blanketing of Night,
...Is the day, full of visuals -
......Graced with God's, colour filled delights!

......We have the Graceful Rise and fall,
....Of many a Mountain Range,
......And the circling of the Globe,
........With the Oceans, And other Tidal Change!

...The Tall and Regal Evergreens -
.....DogWood to Mighty Oak -
.........Roses abd Daffodils, abloom,
........In refreshing, Spring Rains, they soak!

...We have, the Regal Cardinal -
......The Humble Sparrow and Blue Jay -
........The Monarch Butterfly and Honey Bee -
.........So much beauty, they fill the day!

...Or perhaps, the Azure Blue,
.....Of the heated Summer Sky -
........And let us not forget,
.........Our Butter-Yellow Sun, on high!

...Just a glimpse, of the hours in Between -
....The Dawn of Morn, and Blanket of Night -
......Embracing each, with tender loving care -
.........So pleasing, to our sight!

...And if these hours, were not enough -
.....The Blanket, it does shine -
........With a Billion Diamond Glimmers
............All Are Gods, Most Divine Signs! !

Comments about **'Between'**

Thank you for your praise! How come no new work for me to comment on? I looked, and there is nothing new..Are you just taking a little break, over doing work, or just caught up in an active social life? . I find that comments, both good and not so good help us improve our writing skills and help to bring us to greater demensions in our ability as writers to write. I know my little ability has come from God, that is probably why i write about Him and the things of nature that He has given to us! Hardly anybody thinks about the fact that they woke up or saw a rarebird, like a cardinal, and they are rare here...Just seeing the squirrels play, is a constant reminder to me, that Jesus is Alive and well and living in us, through us..., and right now at this moment in my life, very much a part of who i am. Thank you as always for taking the time to comment, and do not be afraid to give constructive critisism! Blessings, Theo
Well, i leave for a moment and come back, and have two tens, but no comments. I like comments! Thank you for the scores! Theo

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(((This Thing Of Ours)))

In the twilight of this quiescent moment-
I peruse this thing of ours-
Querying this palpable abtruse connection-
Am i deluded or wrongly perceived by the stars?

(((After The Rain)))

I missed you the other day
When the dew left its diamond glitter upon the grass
And the squirrels and frogs were frolicking merry
When the silence of daybreak calmed


It was in the Dawn of new beginnings
In a field so full of you
Armoured bouquets of Love
Covered by Heavens baby blue;

(((Early Eve Of Remember))) !

It t'was in the early eve of Remember- -
Before twilight had come around...
Where i found you with a basket of love so true...
And in the air t'was a melody of new loves sweet sound! ;


An ancient river carries your name-
In silver caverns so deep-
A Princess sits crying her heart out-
In the depths of sorrow, she continues to weep.

(((An Aubade)))

</></Oh such bitter sweet regret-
Comes the breaking of dawn...
'Tis much too soon, my darling
For you shall soon be gone;