The Love Affair

I sat in my room, cold and bleak,
The light within grew grey and weak.
I stood to open the door, just a peek,
And I had a love affair.

I opened my heart and my soul crawled out
To bask in the golden glory without.
He cast his fiery net of love about me like a trout
And I had a love-affair.

He caressed my face with brilliant burns;
He kissed me sweetly. I did not spurn
His blistering love which I quickly returned.
I had a love-affair.

His golden warmth burst into my heart
And I cried, “My love, we must never part! ”
But a watching cloud passed and I was exposed with a start.
For shame! I had a love-affair with the sun!

by Fiona Schwartzinoff

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escapes words to explain, NICE POEMS............