Between Bars

Between bars, the gaps
Hold, in suspension, stories
And with the closing of the gate
And the wait to turn from one chapter to another

The spaces appear as sentences
Beginning in upper-case and finishing with a full-stop

The bars reveal nothing but the yawning
(One gap; a slight variation on another)

The barred gates separate
Like asterisks or blank pages

The gaps, between bars
Store stories, momentarily
And the bars reinforce
The denouement or the moral

by Ian Syder

Comments (2)

I hate to think of you behind bars! But this really is an interesting way you found to look at the bars and spaces between them. I can picture you sitting there writing this poem. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary
I like this...the idea of the space between the bars and what lingers there. Would the line read better as 'The barred gates separate / Like asterisks or blank pages'? Just a thought; my brain does a double-take there. Nice either way.