Between Egos

I thought you were competing?
I was told that to believe.
I thought you were competing?
At least that's what the others perceive.

'As long as that is perceived to believe,
And I make appearances periodically...
That contributes to motivate and inspires,
I've done more than others could ever achieve.'

What does that mean?

'I'm given more attention to have it mentioned,
Than those seeking to compete deplete of quality...
With their mediocrity more accepted.
And would not recognize quality from a feeding done,
Between egos.'

Everyone likes to have their ego massaged.

'I'm sure they do.
But after the massaging is through,
What comes next?
Temptations to compete...
In another frivolous contest? '

You don't fool me.
I see what you're doing?
You're not competing to get attention on purpose.

I do admit it.
Something you said was right.'

What was that?

'Everyone likes to have their ego massaged.
However effectively they can get it.
And I've noticed to know this,
Anything goes between egos...
With the exception of quality! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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