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Between Good And Evil...

you have nothing
to tell me, i have
not set you aside,
being half of me,
my other, i am not
unjust, how can i
deny you? you are
another face of me,
though i could have
detested you, i did
not. Respect is still
there.You have
put me in danger,
there were times
you put me to shame,
more often
on some uncompromising
situations, but i
still keep you within,
could be a curse,
and i know the
consequences of
having to discard
you, half of me shall
be dead.

the Furies are silent.
gazing at us. Night
and day are in my
body. Spring and
winter. I both
feel this wolf and
sheep. I guess
it is all our nature.
This battle within.
Between good and
evil. These two
are residents of the
same house.
Fragile. Temporary.
we are not referees.
we are the players.

night is yours.
the day shall be long.
you fight. I will
Let dawn be mine.
Let the last word
be yours.


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