Between Loving And Hating

A friend asked me,
"what lies between loving and hating? "
"In what sense", I replied.
"I mean, what it is when you stop loving
and at the same time you stop hating? "

I pause a while and this I said to her,
"indifference, yes, indifference...
and it is better than hating."

by Jez C Brul

Comments (18)

Wise conversation, better not to hate then or as you said indifference.100++
Hello, Jez. I hadn’t read any of your poems, but I saw a comment of yours on a poem by Daniel Brick whom I follow. So I’m reading your poems now, and this is the second one where you use questions in them effectively. This reminds me of poems by Stephen Crane, someone I think you’ll appreciate if you’re not already familiar with him. -Glen Kappy
Indifference is cozy compared to energy-sapping hatred, most definitely.
A very interesting and excellent write on two very strong emotions and what lies between them. I agree with Susan that the presentation and how it was crafted is brilliant. Thanks for sharing this and I am definitely giving it a 10!
Indifference has a sharp cutting edge to it- -to be not worth a strong emotion of any kind, to be as interesting as a blank wall.... but I'd rather not be hated unless it is for my good beliefs. Like most people, I prefer to be loved or at least remembered with fondness. ;) Good poem both in form and substance. I applaud the choice to make this a dialogue between two people- -it erases any feeling of being lectured by a poem. 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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