TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

My Anxiety

I do not want to name it as lust
As she has shown enough of trust
Completely following on words
With so much of excitement I look forward

No doubt it is strong urge
From within and apparently seen on face
But it is shrewdly hidden behind wall
Even though she gives me sweet call

I have resisted temptation
But always strengthened bond and relation
Always concentrated on her sentiments
Even thought internally there was heavy movement

We sit under tree for many hours
Enjoy coolness and never feel sour
Whole of journey is open before us
We want it to be enjoyed with full trust

I speak no word and stare
She understands it all but does not dare
We are forbidden to trapped in excitement
I watch her keenly but make no comment

We often decide to break barrier
But go against and part as happier persons
Now we are not in hurry
We have lot more obligations to carry

She may acknowledge my anxiety
Press hand gently and smilingly convey
We are steps away from uniting
Accept my request and greetings

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Excellent, I don't know what else to say. Do I need to say anything else?
Very plainly and plaintively presented Tony - - and oh so very true... the days of a human are not even as much as those of a tree if we think Sequioa etc- - - shame on us if we do not scatterlove around as -much as we can before'then ' a moving piece and 10 + + + from Fay.
My cat knows the difference between then and now. Then is what went before and it matters not, anyhow Done is done and can't be taken back So what if something happened while he's in the sack. And the future is of no importance Because it's something he may not have to face. Which brings him to the present, now And going out to prowl is all that's important anyhow. So it's two in the morning and the world is quiet But for a cat it's just the beginning of the night When the world awakes to another view And he cares not what you do. Out he goes without a care in the world And would change nothing, even if he could. But he'll be back at crack of dawn Demanding to be let in with a mighty yawn. After a bit of food and drink He's prepared to once again to sink Into the peaceful oblivion of sleep That's all that matters 'now'. s