IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

I'M Sorry

if i had one choice i would go back and say sorry
for all i have done
for all i am about to do
the word sorry is all that matters in this world
you can never hear a genuine apology
so i will make you the rare owner of one

the times that i shut you down
the times that i never heard you
the moments that i wasn't there
i will always regret
you cannot know the pain i have endured
just by knowing that you are gone
i would turn back time if i could

for everything i have done
i'm sorry
the words just can't be said to you enough
i'm sorry
the words are real in this God forsaken world
i'm sorry
and yet.........
you do not give me the time of day to say them

all i ask is for a second chance
a second life with you
and a second of your time

but you have one thing to be sorry for
you broke my heart
but it has been mended with the sound of your words

i'm sorry forever more

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