Between Poles

One part
A sudden shift
Something subliminal
Created the rift
Spreading wide open
One into two
Confusion and chaos
Birthed the new
Two separate poles
Random disorder
Passing between
Dwelling on the border
Sensitive to messages
From either side
Forming a shield
Behind which to hide
Unable not to listen
Unable not to see
Choosing instead
Alternate reality
A comfort zone
Feelings of safety
What shouldn’t be
Skipping past flags
Burning in red
Painting them in orange
And yellow instead
Skies overhead
Are ominous grey
Ignoring what
The clouds seem to say
Awaiting the sun
And the warmth of spring
The rejuvenation
It promises to bring
Alone in the dark
Regardless of the sounds
And the countless shadows
Stretched across the ground
Unafraid of the solitude
Having mastered the dance
Of life between poles
A determined existence
Long lost is the journal
In the deep of the woods
Ravaged and eaten
By voracious wolves
Come spring a new journal
Of notes will be compiled
My left hand documents
While I journey these miles

copyright 2009 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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