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Between The Difficult And The Impossible Extends...
CB (6 de febrero de 1955 / Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Between The Difficult And The Impossible Extends...

Between the difficult and the impossible extends
the domain, always shifting. There,
always in transit, dwells man,
with his gaze fixed on fields
plagued with locusts, in a flesh
half dreamed half thought, without a mark.
Against the wall, a flower.
A flower born and grown in sand
Sand that accumulated, once,
a long time ago, like accumulates darkness.
Under a sun, remote and fixed,
in a night made of stretched sails
and threesome loves, before houses and books burn.
Who knows the reason for the sudden change
of the colour of the stones, of the music of the air,
of the murmur of desire in its urgent hygiene
Who lavishes himself, now, after everything,
mouth against shoulder and belly against mouth:
to struggle still for the course, the alphabet, the form?

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