CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Between The Spirit Of Israel And The Love Of Jordan

Sometime's thier death between life and love.
A grave obstacle that separated us from being blood.
We often always live in this seclusion.
When our minds sholud be our hearts.
I fall center to this pain for together if we meet.
Life surely can be more achieveing to our needs.
Trust me no one should fear death, I know we have a fighting chance.
It's in our hands amongst the dead sea, to find
what you remeber in me.
Brother, sister, and family with your spirit and my love.
We can join together again, just like before the time of hate.
We create what we make, inside us all is the true spirit of faith.
Let's make a life here when they say we can't live.
The heavy heart will sink and the strong will float.
Mythology leave it's words but we leave hope for tommorrow.
That thier will be life.
Between the spirit of israel and the love of jordan.

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Glaring facts are wisely spoken out... To those who want to pursue the track you have shown the torch.. hugs