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Clench A Fist

Clench a fist,
Take a blow to a stone wall

Crush your knuckles,
Hear them snap with a rattling

Cry to the sky,
Scream out all your pain

Now, look at your flesh torn,
Discharging red, atoning for your sins

Your rage burning like a flame,
Dancing randomly to the whisper of the wind

Certain winds blow it high,
And others simply play with it

Yet, eventually, the flame dies
Leaving your heart scorched black

Letting rise of a dark smoke,
Clouding the sun above your path

You then dwell in a lost world,
Folly acts guided by the hazy visions

Stumbling about everywhere
Breaking glass with every move

And only to walk through them afterwards
Bleeding your feet until you can't move

Stubbornly, you bend on your knees
And once again, try to crawl your way out

The sharp pain flashes quick,
From your palms to the mind,

Like bad news across a sea,
Bringing with it, the cold wind of the dead

You howl loud, clenching your fists,
Blood dripping onto your ragged clothes

And then, shutting your eyes slowly,
You finally let tears run down your face

Falling onto your sooty heart,
And eroding it clean with every drop

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Very well written... I enjoyed it *S*... and gave it a ten *wink* Hugs and love, Cat