A Loving Bond Of Friendship!

A Loving Bond of Friendship!

Openly loving people are real friends reliable in the world;
Their open approach to all develops real friendship ever;
Friendship of such persons contribute valuable ideas in
The society we are all members across all world nations!

Frank sharing of ideas builds strong bond among friends
Transcending all barriers dividing people across nations!
Race, religion, status, culture, civilization, language, faith
Or all sorts of conventions, laws and all are nothing to them!

Human sense, humanism and humanitarian attitude are all
Count in the good and healthy relationship of people who
Befriend with all such forward looking ones in the world and
Whether they meet or contact in social media aren't important!

What counts much in this kind of friendship is human heart
That relies on true faith or conviction upon broad knowledge!

by Ramesh T A

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Very well written... I enjoyed it *S*... and gave it a ten *wink* Hugs and love, Cat