Between Two Worlds

I do not know how I became.
I do not know what is my name.
I only know that I am here.
And why that is, is what I fear.

Day and night and time pass not.
A world which aging hath forgot.
And here I stay forevermore.
My soul no longer free to soar.

Between two planes I still exist.
Between two dimensions, I drift.
Beneath two skies I watch and wait.
Between two worlds I roam and waste.

In sadness still, day does not come.
And happy is the morning sun.
And joyful are it's glorious rays.
That do not shine unto this place.

by Enrico Orbita

Comments (1)

Speechless! Guess what, Enrico, the Sun's precious rays started shining in your amazing poems! This well crafted and rich in imagery with a fantastic rhymes has becomes your triumphing stepping stone that would lead you one day to the top of the Poetry World! Keep it up! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City.