Between Wal-Mart And Kingdom Come

I went to the store with the list my wife gave me
She told me not to buy anything but what she had said
I was very disappointed to see only the staples
Like that of whole grain bread and Smart Balance Spread
Screw the cancer eating through my head
Got to keep that ticker healthy
So that somewhere...someday very soon....they can hospice me
In a plastic covered chair with my drool cup hanging
Around my old wrinkled turkey neck....(Why is turkey neck on this list?
Must be for some stock) .....
Catching my every whispered word as they escape
Between the empty space where my lower teeth used to fit
Nowhere on that paper did I see the word 'ammunition'
There were no razor blades, knives or even a pair of cheap scissors
Nothing with which one could bring harm to oneself....
I sometimes wonder if she knows what I'm thinking
Before I think it.....


by Ted Sheridan

Comments (4)

A sTara said, brilliantly written. Very, very touching. Hugs Anna xxx
Oh Ted. But brilliantly conceived, brilliantly written, of course. t x
This is very deep Ted, Not thinking about a visit to the shrink yet, I hope... Just joking, great poem, Colin J...
I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get some little things to mail off to the little guys...It's about the only thing close to a discount store in this town for anything and turkey necks though, , , ours is not the super kind with all the grocery stuff....but, it does have gummy bears......Somehow, can't picture you in a bib with drool running down your chin nor a turkey neck....Just remember it's not what you see in the mirror but what's underneath that counts...have to run and check out my turkey neck now...........great, entertaining, marci.xo