Betwixt Seen And Unseen

Poem By Md. Yousuf Bin Masud

- Md. Aminul Islam

Between the light and the darkness
The seen and unseen
There the lies the exquisite perception
Which turns into an abstract expression!

To the inner sense of profoundness
There the art stands in completeness.

From the center of consciousness
…in contemplative turn of mind
one can derive the meaning to the exactitude
with an inquisitive glance

Let me approach with eyes to the secret learning ……
Betwixt the seen and unseen
There the splendour lies exclusively
In timeless moments……………………in gleam
And of glimpses!

Date: 04.01.2005

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Nice, true, one I would classify under: Question: Do we even know the right questions to ask? Thank you for sharing, BG
Profound thoughts expressed beautifully!

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