AW (A Long while ago / England)


Silent language of thought
Hidden in the mind
Unspoken, before the reed
Of mouth trembles
Harsh words
Loving words
Hateful words
Careless words
Words, words…
words unspoken
Forgiveness unspent
Illusions unbroken
Humanities perfect lie
In harmony with silence
We feed conspiracy
When feigning to hear
Few listen yet complain
Of things they could change
Engaged the heart
The mind, the Being
Steadfast loyalty
Mercy and love
In humility listens
Tales of time wasted
Few care, fewer listen
Some through fear
Avoid unguarded speech
Political correctness
Emblem of mind control
We retreat to thoughts
Isms become entrapment
Deny then mimic justice
And behind the mask
Fascists of the mind
Fester and sharpen the blade
Of Unresolved conflict
Random violence explodes
Injustice becomes industry
For talking heads
Chattering, murmuring
Workshop after workshop
Entwine words that hide
true meaning
Soft-minded indifference
Shakes hands with the devil
Words squandered,
Spilt upon the page
Voyage of Manipulation
From hope to despair
A point in every direction
Every road will lead you there
When truth is relative
No one wants to know
When diversity leads to Exile

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