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Beware, Be Very Aware

Do your children miss you if your late home?
Would they ever forgive if you left them alone?
Hearts break for fathers, lovers and their sons
Whilst they’re parading my street with their knives and guns.

You lie to your women, but do they believe?
When your blood is spilt how long will they grieve?
Your best friend shot dead and now what’s more
You still don’t know what your fighting for.

I long for the day when you open your eyes
See through vanity, camouflage and lies.
The time you are wasting will never return
Will it take your death for your son to learn.

Will he pick up a gun and carry on the fight
What legacy now but murder and hate?
Nothing is gained but everything lost
His future in ruins before yours has past.

Your fathers and mothers all fought, not through choice.
Armed with no more than a powerful voice.
Barriers were broken and freedoms assured
Yes causalities fell but victory restored
Hope for your future and freedom to dream.

Tonight think hard before you pick up that gun
Take a look at your past, your future, your son.
The dreams that he dreams are all there to be had
His future is yours, tonight he needs a Dad.

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