Beware Bold Maverick Calf

Poem By Robert Charles Howard

Have pity on the maverick calf
who flees his mother's milk
and shuns the circle of his herd -
drifting on through sage and hills -
stumbling and bleating in the heat.

Take care, courageous little bull:
the good old western law is still in force!
Watch your back and front and sides
for any rancher with a rope and iron
can claim and brand you for his own.


September, 2008

Comments about Beware Bold Maverick Calf

Unbranded mooses (meese?) seem in greater danger than Alaskan cattle. Still, your point is well taken. It seems unsporting to brand mavericks from a helicopter. Lasers are inaccurate from a certain distance. Your wise and very, um, um, offbeat take on current events: I think your baton is accurate, but the orchestra is watching SNL YouTubes. Cheers. - Will
Robert, Denis is right. Your poetry is refreshingly original, without ever lapsing into cliche. It's also comfortably accessible. So much 'good' poetry tends toward obfuscation. A robust little poem with a bright heart and a sprinkling of irony. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks D J for the suggestion on the fifth line. I have fixed the line as a result.
How good it is to both read and hear your poems Robert. I think that the opening line shows your mastery of poetry. It would have been so easy to write ' Pity the...' The fact that you open it in the manner you do avoids cliche but also make the opening agressive rather than passively appealing. There is a feeling of jocularity about the piece and there is so much to read into it (political?) . But it is the sense of timing that gives the poem its flow and make the experience. I have to say that I am not (at this moment) sure about the last line of the first stanza! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

2,3 out of 5
14 total ratings

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