Beware False Profits

Poem By will munter

If you worship the pound, dollar or yen
Better take a deep breath n count up to ten
As none of your profits fullfill our requirement
All of them false and pollute our environment
Full of boom bust chop chop
As all our priceless trees drop
While all of your slave labour
Are toiling in your sweat shop
Leaving a huge karma deficit
In them books that you are cooking
As your humanity escaped you
When you were, nt bloody looking
To busy smarming and arming
Raping nation after nation
With your head up your arse
You, ve endangered creation
And your external audit
No give you no plaudit
Cause all your asset stripping
In our land of milk and honey
You missed the true point
That we sure cant eat money
Just remembe the indian givers
Of this prophecy true
Who were butchered and savaged
By people like you

Comments about Beware False Profits

My titles in my poems are important to me... you blew my mind away... with that introduction. I had no other choice but... to enter your poem. Cause i sense i was going on a poetic journey... if a purchased a ticket. take care.

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