# Beware, I Am On My Way

Morning rays
Light up the brilliance
of diamond jewels,
As it moves, draped
in diaphnous robes.

Curvaceous, heaving
Its bosom like a siren,

A wanton woman,
Trying to ensnare
A gullible victim,
Paying standing ovation,
With longing in his limpid eyes,

Watching from the sidelines.
Comely, willowy
Gracefully undulating,
Today rain or shine

It flows,
With determination
Enjoying the journey;
On its destination
To merge its identity
With the one
who has waited
an eternity;
the mighty ocean.

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (7)

A journey, towards destination, on the way... with diverse... A beautiful poem.10 for it.
So many vivid pictures.....well penned. Could have avoided redundancy of 'lust' and 'desire'...........10
a good imagery using the glittering river and ocean...tantalising womanhood in ultimate 'confluence' with manhood...good imaginative write, enigmatic though 10
Difficult one.........Very deep and meaningful
Enjoying the journey On its destination To merge its identity eloquence flows by the sway swanky swing swaddles in its own way journey seems to slake the desire blue sea raves up by the redemption.............exqusite exposition of grace by lucid flow, yetb it glows ingenious by the imagery, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing.
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