Beware Of…...

Beware of……

The human beast,
Who does nothing but feast,
From west to east,
Like yeast.

The heartless scum,
Whose work is to harm,
Anyone with a good bum,
He licks his upper lip,
Every time someone with a good hip,
Comes cheap.

He destroys the very wall,
That surrounds her dignity,
What a pity

He goes out of his way,
To get a quick lay,
Never bearing in mind what she has to say,
And living her in pain,
As he satisfies his own selfish gain.

He rips apart the tissue,
That builds up her innocence,
And runs dry the well that quenches her patience,
For how long must this continue to be an issue?

by Peter Gumbo

Comments (1)

Very painful, but unfortunately true poem, It paints a human being as a fierce animal that destroys everything and everybody that surround him.That is the greatest vice of our species... and it's sad we don't see that by destroying the beauty, in fact, we destroy ourselves...