Beware The Innocence Of Hyacinths, Beware!

Soft and subdued is the music of spheres,
Soft and subdued is the whisper of spring
Soft and subdued the rustle of leaves with dewy tears
And soft and subtle the wounded nightingales sing..
Soft and subtle is the pregnant breeze
Soft and subtle the drizzle-drops, her off-springs;
And the cuckoo and the breeze beneath her wings.

Soft too was the hour that presaged violence
When Creation found voice in the big bang
Subtle the message that through the skies rang
Of billion suns ‘n stars and their radiance.

Beware the silence of lambs, beware!
Beware the innocence of hyacinths, beware! !
Hiding in gossamer clouds is the thundery vault
Wrapped in pitch dark silence is the lightning bolt.

Hiding in mother’s helpless stagger is the tigress’ leap
And an ever wakeful energy beneath her languid sleep.
In the enveloping gloomy dark
Sleeps the incendiary spark

Spark that, once woken, wreaks vengeance
On Kings’ and their kins’ arrogance;
And spread through the skies such gentle radiance
As drowns out hatred which is a bliss of ignorance.

by harcharan bains

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A wonderful poem, Harcharan. All is not as it outwardly seems. Thanks for sharing. Peace