Beware The Rain

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

beware the life will never be the same,
darkest of nights passion inflamed for devious reasons,
the moment of it's conception begs the question why,
two fools would purposely bring about such tragedy,
dragged from pillar to post while still entombed,
deep inside the mother's womb,
a waywardness the mothers affliction,
danced as she had always before,
the helpless embryo falls victim,
to the mother's unhealthy addictions,
the fetus of my blood cried out to me,
had I the power to change it's course,
I would have carried it within this old body of mine,
carefully minding each placement of foot,
the lines of security never to cross,
oh how I suffer the innocence lost,
this child of my blood cried out to me,
and I mourned over it's fate within,
the child brought forth it's mother's secrets,
evidenced in the tiny bloodstream,
all narcotics the babe never chose,
and this blood of mine cried out to me,
as weeks of intensive care pass by,
each day my anxiety increases,
too late to try to untangle my heart,
for her tiny fingers have now grasped mine,
while she struggled in wires and devices,
life of what sort will Mommy now give?
without my eyes upon her constant,
I know I will perish with worry,
now my soul cries out to this blood of my blood,
and promises everlasting grandmother's love,
the rain life will never be the same,

Comments about Beware The Rain

A terribly tragic situation to be wrestling with and to be confronted by. Hope the child finds happiness with you. A very sad tale heartbreakingly told.

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