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Beware! We Are Uniting
PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)

Beware! We Are Uniting

We are the well-meaning citizens of this world.
This land is so beautifully made for us by God.
We want to live with peace in this good abode.
So, we want you terrorists to vanish from this world.

Long back we lived under the threat of savagery.
We got together and banished it. Then came barbarity.
We fought it and ended it, with learning and bravery.
Later came invaders. We expelled them with chivalry.

Imperialists at different times had seized and repressed us.
To force them out, with oneness we fought in different ways.
With determination and unity we’ll fight out all our foes
And live our life with dignity, equity, and peace.

You terrorists are perhaps the last lot of our foes.
Rascals! We shall not (repeat, not) allow you to grow
Anywhere in this world, thwart our peaceful life,
Throw the world out of gear and leave us in bloody strife.

We swear by our life that we’ll not allow you to flourish
For whatever ideology you embrace or theology you profess.
Fools! If you think that terrorism pleases God,
Correct yourself. To destroy us, your hands God doesn’t need.

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