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Bewildered By Disaster On Christmas Day

“The first time you shoot Coke, ”
said Bessie Fountain
sitting on my bed
on Christmas day
“you’re gonna experience
you’ll want
again and again
always trying
to recapture that feeling
the memory
will be with you forever
and the memory
hooks you. I’m strong
so I can deal with it.”
“You’re strong? ” I said.
that’s right
you don’t know nothing
about being strong.
Coke wipes you out.
Everything disappears—
“Even Christmas? ”
“EVERYTHING...for a while
and tonight I need
a Super Speedball dropping
through my veins.
See you get some good Coke
and some good Heroin
and mix it just right
and you got yourself
a Merry Christmas. The whole world
says it to you then.”
“But you said it works just for a while, ”
I whispered
placing my hand on her knee
trying to soothe her.
Don’t you never forget
the truth
of escaping misery.
That time is a good time
and just cause it don’t last
don’t mean that good time wasn’t there,
but you ain’t strong enough
to handle it
one taste of the feeling—
you’re finished
never recover
spend all your days
for that sweet miracle.
Just drink your little Bacardi, Bernstein,
and leave what
you don’t know alone
cause that other stuff is for
some heavy sadness
for me
for real.”

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A meaningful and well-written poem, Charles. Touching, too. You really have a gift for capturing humanity and allowing it to overcome circumstance and highlight the small beauty in the ugliness of everyday life. It is a rare gift to love mankind, so. Hugh