IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


I've been beyond but I returned.
Though now I see things differently
As a result of what I learned.
I see with greater clarity.

The faults and flaws which I possess.
Which in the past I could not see.
Blinded by self righteousness.
My life was ruled by vanity.

Then came the night I nearly died.
My life was hanging by a thread.
I almost reached the other side.
Far, far beyond the fear and dread.

I watched the doctors tending me
I saw my body on the bed.
I was detached and floating free.
Close to the ceiling overhead.

One moment floating peacefully.
The next I knew I was in pain.
They had resuscitated me.
I'm back in my body again.

I've been beyond the boundary
Although you won't believe it's true.
I will not let that worry me
I am quite sure a few will do.

Those few who keep an open mind.
And other folks who've been there too.
And learnt to leave their fears behind.
Because they know more than once they knew.

Thursday,10 May 2012

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i feel ya on this. good poem. read my poem Recovery if you want. Its about drug addiction.