Poem By P.T. MacWilliam

My days are done, what is to be,
The future that is unknown to me.
In deepest thought I ponder long,
with hope, with fear, I may be wrong.

My ectoplasm departs from me,
Into the other what shall I see.
On a mission, I know not where,
Will I know when I am there.

Eternal space in blackest night.
Through the cosmos, stars a bright.
The spiritual world, there to greet,
Loved ones demised, I may meet.

Will I haunt and be earthbound
And frighten all who are around,
Or enter heaven or maybe hell,
Only my makers there to tell.

Then again it has been said,
Not forever will I be dead
Reincarnation and back to earth
The spark of life in my rebirth.

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wonderful poem deep thought within in it

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There it is, a glowing light.
Shining brightly in the night
Though a mystery it may be.
Always shines for all to see.