0988.Mata Amritanandamayi-Hushed Silence

Hushed Silence

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
Mother Teresa


Turning ten in the wheel of time
Kith and kin finding no maid
Ordaining Sudhamani as servant
Made their journey from Parayakadavu
Kilometers six showing you the infinite
Blue in the horizon wearing grey clouds
And Dark Ocean roaring the “Aum “all along
Ravishing your mind sing and dance
The caress of the breeze giving thee
The touches of Krishna making thy steps falter
Ordeal turning pleasure infringing
The extent of ecstasy divine
Submerging thy awareness
This false world waking you up
Making you rush to grandma’s house
To be the slave for jobs menial
For years three complaining none!
Songs the companions bridging you my mother
With the spirit of joy, infinite bliss!

Kissing with the petals of care
Dripping the honey of love
Soaking the soil penetrating the weeds
Touching the roots of compassion infinite
Perceiving life emanating from the heart
Beckoned by love walking the hard and steep,
Kanna you conjuror! Come on this earth
Save the poor lass on the shores of terror!
Is it not love sufficient unto love?
Hey my love fulfill yourself
By filling my vision with Thy presence!
This tender flower bleeding joyfully
Waiting for the dawn of thy love infinite
Witnessing the paradox of love hurting,
No more hurt, its more love only Krishna
Come and hold me and dry my tears!
Condescend to come to me or
Make me ascend to thy level!
Have pity my Lord! Am I not your servant?


Again as a tribute to motherhood which Amma symbolizes, I want to present the readers a few observations of Shri Amy Edelsein

Often referring to herself in the third person, Ammachi describes the passion that animates her:

'Each and every dropp of Mother’s blood, each and every particle of her energy is for her children....

The purpose of this body and of Mother’s whole life is to serve her children. Mother’s only wish is that her hands should always be on someone’s shoulders, consoling and caressing them and wiping their tears, even while breathing her last.'

Selfless service, Ammachi teaches, is the whole of her life and is the path she prescribes for spiritual seekers who are committed to transcending the ego, to destroying the separate sense of self.

Ammachi’s public teachings take place at traditional gatherings that are called 'Devi Bhava' [literally 'mood of the Goddess'] and 'darshan' [audience with a guru], where she hugs and blesses all who come to see her.

Almost a quarter of a million people seek her out every year, and she receives each and every one of them, giving them love and helping them with both spiritual and mundane concerns. She cannot turn anyone away, for to the Divine Mother, all are equal in their need for love.

'During the Bhava, ' she explains, 'different kinds of people come to see me, some out of devotion, others for a solution to their worldly problems and others for relief from diseases. I discard none. Can I reject them? Are they different from me? Are we not all beads strung on the one life thread? According to each one’s level of thinking, they see me. Both those who love me and those who hate me are the same to me.'

20 03 2010

by amma and rajappa

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