IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Beyond Compare For My Lady Irene

Thou art my love, as thou hast been.
Since first I set my eyes on thee.
The ruler of my heart, my Queen.
You are my liege I serve gladly.

The slightest wish is my command.
I will fulfil it if I can
Though thou dost clearly understand
I am no hero just a man.

A simple man and ordinary.
Whom thou hath bless’ed with thy trust
For this I serve thee willingly
My heart commands me that I must.

With thee I have found happiness
That I did not think could exist.
For thou and I togetherness.
Decreed by fate we can’t resist.

Thou art my love as I am thine.
Consenting partners equally.
A union born of love divine.
We are as we were meant to be.

Our fate was written long ago.
Our love will last eternally
and that is all we need to know.
What fate decrees must come to be.

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A Lovely poem about True Love... Colin J..