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Beyond Many Bends
PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)

Beyond Many Bends

I’ve passed many a bend, but I’m nowhere near the end
Although my opponents predicted every bend as my end!
If at all there’s an end, it will be beyond many more bends
And after every bend the road will be good for long extent.

At my every fall, my adversaries rejoiced and shouted
That I was down and out and my good days have ended.
Disproving them, I have proved every fall as a bend,
One of the many usually found far before the real end.

With robust optimism and balanced mental posture
I strove hard not to accept any bend as my closure.
When I admit an end and meekly surrender to it
I’ll cease to be a man possessing manly grit to resist.

After every fall, I sprang on my feet, persisted in my pursuit,
And found beyond the bend the road was smooth and straight.
The race after a bend was always faster and safer,
As the memory of past pitfalls has acted as a fender.

At my death-bed, they might say “this is surely his end.”
No! No! For me, even death will be a bend, not the end.
Death will only force me to take an interval.
The workload here will compel God not to keep me in heaven or hell.

I’ll return soon. Then the men who were under my care
Will rush to me with joy like lambs to homecoming mother.
My opponents will see the sight and become dumb and stunned,
And mumble sadly “Oh! Even death was not his end! ”

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