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Beyond Our Control

Some people in their wisdom say we can fulfill our every wish
But the fish that swims in your fish tank can only be a fish
And as for me I feel our destiny is beyond our control
The same as for the billionaire as the one on the dole.

The billionaire walks down the street on a cold and stormy day
And the Reaper at the corner for him lurks his end moments away
The roof tiles loosened in the gale and one downwards did fly
Hitting the unsuspecting in the head and he instantly did die.

Despite his wealth he could not change the course of his destiny
To die by the big house at the street corner for him was meant to be
And though only in his early forties and a decade past his prime
The Reaper was his master since the Reaper named his time.

For him to exit from the Land of the living the Reaper had named the second and the date
His time was up and that was it and time for none does wait
She will not go short of suitors his young and pretty and very wealthy wife
And all of the money in the World will not bring him back to life.

He wished for to be very wealthy and very wealthy he became
And though his money did not bring him true happiness his money brought him fame
But his money did not buy the Reaper he now is with the dead
A tile blown from a rooftop killed him when it struck him on the head.

by Francis Duggan

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