IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Beyond Our Ken For M'Lady Francesca

Mans boundless curiosity
is not and will never be
satisfied sufficiently

He can’t accept the status quo
There is so much he wants to know
He is obsessed and can’t let go

He seeks for knowledge constantly
but is not wise enough to see.
There is no end there cannot be.

Compelled by curiosity
Inventing new technology
to try and solve the mystery

Of who and what and why he’s here.
But he is doomed to fail I fear.
New questions constantly appear.

The more he learns the less he knows
Although his stock of knowledge grows
His understanding of it slows.

The mind of man can’t comprehend
The quest for knowledge has no end.
We fool ourselves if we pretend.

That there is nothing else to find
and everything has been defined.
A fact to which I am resigned.

Though I’ll continue to pursue
each and every smallest clue.
I have no choice I’m compelled to.

Sunday,18 July 2010
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