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*beyond Sepia Dreams

For the world
My eyes shut,

It shut, with
That picture
Of you,
Imprinted forever.

The vision
That was you,
On our wedding day.

And now,
The vision, of you
Waiting to enfold me,
Further down
Where the light shines bright
At the tunnel's end.

My eyes shut
For the world;
But awakened
To Eternity
And you.

The glow that suffused
Your presence-
The love that emanated-
The union of our souls
Drenched in the
Supreme emotion
Of the Knowledge:

That our merging
Into the Oneness
Of Each Other was
Of two halves
Finding the Perfect Whole.

My Sepia Dreams
Finally dissolved,
Into Us.

Usha,28 February, '08

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