Beyond Simplicity

When one is young and deeply moved
By vastness of the complexities of life,
Pushing them aside to make room
For dreams harboring all tomorrows,
Attempting to put on hold, life's many woes
In innocence walking over a one way bridge.
And once it's crossed ... childhood dreams
Assume an alien adult's expected point of view.
Bridge collects toll from ... those who stood
On denial fringe of maturing ... to adulthood.
This one way bridge ... treats all the same,
Passing souls along on life's maturing game;
Allows all to carry across ... a single gem
In form of memories kept ... in one's head,
A vestige of youth's countless carefree days,
Toting across this precious jewel of memories,
Often granting smile ... of returning thought.
Childhood has made its call ... on us all and
Blessed each with memories to ... the living end,
A host of reveries which only you can re-spend!

by Carl F. Hoffman

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